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Questions? Ready to Book? Give us a call or shoot us an email

Ready to book? We like to keep it simple so here's how it works:

  1. Give us a call or send us an email to let us know what you would like to do and when you want to do it

  2. We let you know what specific times and dates we have available within your parameters

  3. You select the available time that works for you and we add you to the schedule

...and that's it, no fighting with online reservations systems, supplying credit card numbers and deposits, or trying to figure out which specific services you must book to make your trip happen. We believe in the good, old fashioned honor system and hold our reservations based on your word that you will arrive as planned.

If you are booking a trip on relatively short notice we recommend giving us a call so that we can get you in the schedule as soon as possible. We always keep our phones handy so feel free to contact us later in the evening to book your plans for the following day.

*Note: Due to the volatility of fuel prices for the upcoming 2022 season we reserve the right to institute a fuel surcharge.*


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Bay Excursions operates directly off our vessels. We dock at the Ramp 3 of the Homer Harbor

Ramp 3 Homer Barbor Map

Proceed out the Homer Spit Road a little over three miles from the base of the spit and you will pass Freight Dock Road on the left. You go by large parking areas on the left and ramps five and four. Please note that the name of the restaurant El Pescador has changed to the Harbor Grill. 


Unless you have a lot of gear to unload park in the parking area just before the Harborview Boardwalk and the Harbor Grill. If you have a lot to unload, turn into the parking area between the Harbor Grill and Coal Point Trading. You may back out the ramp to unload your gear.


The Torega and Soleci dock to the right of ramp three. Plan to board the boat in the harbor as indicated on the map, unless you make other arrangements. The office for Bay Excursions consists of Karl and his trusty cell phone, wherever they may be!

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